Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu…’’

Well this was supposed to be all about my road trip outfit till I had a second thought like, why not open up about my fair share of this world. So trying to kill two birds with one stone let’s get to it. This outfit will definitely wear it to that road trip with my girls. First you need to be comfy I don’t expect you to be in heels ladies.

So looking at this photos I decided to talk about my insecurities, been bullied, losing faith and learning to survive it all. Let’s talk bullies! This has to be the most devastating thing to go through…imagine growing up and your fellow schoolmates teasing you because you look a little different from them. Having been lighter well this felt wrong and they made me feel the same way, but you need to heal your scars at some point and get over it. Huh easy said than done my friends. It got to a point it didn’t feel right at all and hated the way I looked as you can a test to my previous posts this has to be the BOLD one right!?

Now I paired my romper with a kimono just to add a touch to my outfit….and the beret does it just right! My insecurities really got me, been all afraid about what people will say…afraid of been judged this is the worst feeling and it got to a point I lost faith in all of I was doing. Had to learn the art of working on myself, to better myself….this is all that matters. Look at this in summary not appreciating myself cause of my skin, body just because some humans were not.

This year I chose to be bold and go out of my comfort zone simply because things didn’t grow over here! My outfit paired with some rubbers because I’m all into comfy vibe these days. This is me learning to be comfortable in my own damn skin and living life!

If you like this type of blog posts where I do both real life stories/challenges while discussing outfits drop a comment.

Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be….”

Outfit details:

Romper and beret thrift shopping

Kimono and shoes from LC Waikiki Two rivers store

Photography by Glauben Photography (Instagram)

Written and compiled by yours truly Wanja marema (Instagram)

Cheers to the weekend!!!




  1. Kui

    Apr, 27, 18 at 7:48 pm

    We usually think somebodys life is perfect from what we see on the outside….the confidence and smiles hide all the brokenness beneath
    Nice piece darling ??

    • kaytietela

      May, 21, 18 at 12:16 pm

      thank you


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