Welcome to my most favorite place…where I just find my happiness and peace.As much of a  cliché as it sounds, today will be sharing my 25 life treasures that I hold dearly…This is more of a birthday special piece.Some are self explanatory others not so much …So lets get down to it, shall we?

  • Be yourself:We live in a world where people are trying to be carbon copies of others instead of being who they truly are.We often focus too much on the things that don’t build us,grow us nor even move us.Being yourself feels a whole lot different. Just living your own life without the pressures of trying to pretend much!...Everyone else is taken, be you!
  • Insecurities:This really took a toll on me …I remember few years back I had to battle 'flawed' skin on my face…but with time I learnt, it was perfectly fine to embrace 'flaws' and that way, no one could ever use this 'flaw' against me...'Flaws' can be categorized in different measures be it physical or emotional, however, never let anyone bring you down…you got you and you are perfect the way you are!
  • Family:Nothing beats family, there's even no competition …Keep your immediate family close to you,love them ,cherish them always.Family first.
  • Set goals:Learn to set your goals, if you can, jot them down…try as much as possible to achieve them…have a reason to get out of bed everyday.
  • Listen: Learn to listen to people talking to you, you may hear but not listen, you need to listen. I have had this issue for a while but hey, I’m working on it.Learn to listen.
  • Plan :it's about the destination ,not the journey, however, goals require systems ,processes,and structures to facilitate and achieve the end result, that is a plan.( I had to make it a bit clear on the difference.)
  • Do what makes you happy: Like I said this place makes me happy and this year I'm planning on blogging full time. There you go, dreams and goals already set!
  • Friends: Learn to keep your friends close they are your support system.
  • Love: we have loved and we’ve lost but what's most important is to learn to how love you and appreciate yourself.
  • Prayer: Keep God close to your heart let him guide you and you will see your life working out for the better.
  • Accountable: be accountable for your own actions and don't blame others for your own faults.
  • Confidence: there’s nothing as great and important as self confidence. Be a true believer for what you stand for.
  • Failure is good: we often try so hard to avoid failure but it’s the real evidence that we’ve tried.Well if you avoid failure,you avoid taking action,expect and accept and lets learn from our experience and move on!
  • Kindness matters:small expressions of kindness go along way.
  • Vulnerability heals: being real,open and vulnerable invites people in and allows them to relate with you in a more intimate level. This doesn't make you out as weak but real,however, choose wisely who you choose  to be vulnerable with!
  • Travel: it expands one's mind and this year I’m trying to do more of it.
  • Passion: it upgrades your life mostly when you do what brings to you joy. It spills over into all other aspects of your life.
  • Gratitude multiplies happiness and it fosters positivity and well being.
  • Perfection is boring…I’m such a perfectionist I must admit but this comes to things like arrangement of things but I’m more of a 'let it flow' person when it comes to the real life issues.
  • Little things matter: It’s the little things that matter most.Recently I had a surprise birthday dinner, which I’m still over the moon about. Like I said it’s the little things that counts.
  • Make everyday count: be conscious of the value of every single day.
  • Release attachments don’t become too attached to outcomes or beliefs.
  • Not every situation requires a reaction.
  • Self honesty is freedom: when in denial about something,you're blinding yourself to the truth.Be honest.
  • Find your purpose: you need to know what you’re supposed to do in this life…work your way into knowing that!


These are my twenty five life treasures which I hold dear.What are yours? I would like to know…leave a comment below.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME (in advance lol)  14th Jan


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