“It’s a new era in fashion there are no rules…it’s all about the individual and personal style {Alexander McQueen}”

Finally I'm sharing the second piece…I know it’s been a minute but I was under the weather for sometime but I'm all good now…Time to get this show on the road. Feeling mushy about this piece damn gorge! This Fitting dress I like it mostly because its fabulous yeah and it has a detachable cap…which at this point can be used as a scarf like shown in the pictures. The bandage dress is comfy, that’s my number one priority.

I did some simple pair of heels and accessories to blend with my outfit…couples that are into marchy   marchy sort of would look elegant in this or even for a bridal party, I would definitely recommend.

Red carpet: yes! breaking the usual vibe of wearing dinner gowns to something more of new school if I may say…Ankara is the new “force to reckon with” try it out and mix it up with a few blending pieces.

Also parties such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers, traditional weddings or even that end year of party. Ankara has a way of expressing your African roots (proudly African) speaking more than actual words.

This outfit and more still to come in the next week…all personally designed by Cittificial Klothing (available in stores).

I choose to brand this piece bold and beautiful basically…The woman wearing is ’s bold its self explanatory. I'm celebrating women today, we're simply amazing, never forget to give yourself enough credit and most importantly a tap on the back. You’re awesome!

Get in touch:

Make Up: Joan Wayua (Instagram)

Photographer: Eccentric Creative (Instagram)

Outfits: Cittificial Klothing (Instagram)

Model: Wanja Marema  (Instagram)

Model:Boaz Hosea(Instagram)

My woman,

“What is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it {Yves Saint Laurent}”

You’re loved!

Article written and compiled by Wanja Marema.

Cheers to the weekend!!!


                                                                 THANKS FOR THE READ!!!



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