“Soul mates…two halves of the same soul joining together in life’s journey {Author Unknown}”

Well I will try and keep this as short as possible but on the other hand I'm super excited to finally share this piece.It's been weeks now since I started to write down this particular piece, I'm eventually doing it. So I am in a new environment for a couple of days, beautiful weather,the wind is just pleasant, quiet and peaceful scenery it is.Here goes my story…

 The best things in life are free, yes, like being in love and finding “the chosen one”…let me walk you through this for a minute. So my best friend Sara (not her real name) is getting married. Honestly I'm trying really hard to contain myself and not to get over excited too much but at least let “the bride to be“inhale and exhale .Besides my dream has finally come to reality, for almost a year now I have always wanted to do a bridal article but with such amazing news then this is the perfect timing. I know most girls dream of having that “fairy tale wedding “and happily ever after just like “Cinderella” (I know I do)

Having it all planned out in your mind and when it comes to executing it things get a bit tough. So I had to ask a few of my married friends and relatives and this is what I cam e up with, some things you need to consider.

 First, try not to be a “bride zilla” yes this is scary you know cause the bride is under a lot of pressure when it comes to planning…everyone has an opinion to this and that, soit’s safe for the “love birds” to get a wedding planner to help out.

Secondly, “the dress” when it’s time for gown shopping you need to make it easier for yourself…do a trial makeup for the wedding and when trying out gowns you will get a visual of what type of dress you want without so much hassle. Also get a pair of comfortable shoes to pair with the dress…I mean don’t get a six inch heel please darling!

Thirdly, “the bridal dresses” this is where we actually “discuss” after the bride’s dress. Getwell tailored/ready made dresses for your girls something not to revealing, over the top just simple and elegant that will keep the guests talking about after many years or even on your “jubilee anniversary”

Last but not least, get a good venue for your wedding if it’s the grounds it should be walkable not muddy that is. Good food an amazing cake (should be enough).

Lastly “keep time” this is the most crucial point of all stories. If it’s a ten O’clock party then that’s it, you don’t want to keep your guests waiting now do you?

So that’s my compiled report from my people…well I would to wish all ladies that are about to walk down the aisle all the best in your nuptials and congratulations.

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Gown: Monica’s bridal                                             Hair and makeup: Joan wayau (Instagram)

Groom’s suit: Nuptial Sartorial Collection        Groom’s shoes: groom’s own

Bride’s shoes: Style by Katyie (Facebook)          Photography: Eccentric_Creative (Instagram)

Bride: Wanja marema (Instagram)                       Groom: _dappermanke (Instagram)

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“Who  finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains  favor of the LORD” Prov 31:22

“Right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairy tale {Anonymous}”



free feel to invite a sister to your wedding anyway have a beautiful day.

                                                                 THANK YOU FOR THE READ



  1. Joan Wayua

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    Beautiful article. Will follow that when my time comes ?

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      we will be waiting for the invite…thank you for the read

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