Fashion is very important…it is life-enhancing and like everything that gives pleasure….it is worth doing well {Vivienne Westwood}


From her bubbly voice…amazing music and above all, her style stands out like a red flower in the middle of a barren field. what's not to love about her? This week we have a chit chat with the talented Vanessa Mdee who hails from the beautiful land of Tanzania….

1) How can you describe your style?

 Eclectic, Afro Chic.

2) what inspires your style?

My mood mostly if not the occasion.

3) Do you look up to anyone in terms of style/fashion, both locally and internationally?

Brenda Fassie and Gwen Stefani have been a great inspiration lately. (Smiles)

4) One thing that you can never ever buy or own in the name of fashion trends

Anything acid wash, I just can’t do it.

5) Ever been in impulse buying situation and afterwards the item purchased you’ve never used it. If yes…then what was it?

So many times from bags to shoes to dresses the list is endless.

6) Do you happen to have that outfit that you can ever be caught in mostly wearing in public?

 Never Say Never, you know!

7) Imagine you were given a free 5 minute shopping spree in one of the most prestigious boutique stores, the likes of Givenchy, H& M, Yves Saint Laurent, Armani, Macy’s etc what would you grab and why?

I'm a big brand influenced shopper. I would however be spoilt for choice so I would grab accessories; Shoes, Bags etc. (laughs)

8 ) Any fashion /style secret would you like to share…Any fashion advice perhaps….

Be comfortable, Dress the part, Life is too short for you to wear boring clothes. I've shopped all my life and still have nothing to wear, so go BIG!



Did you know that Vanessa Mdee is an artist…plus watch her latest music Niroge

She also performed on Coke Studio Africa catch her performance this Sunday on CitizenTv Kenya at 8pm (EAT)


Social Handles: Vanessa Mdee (Instagram)


Have you heard that folks…hope you have learnt a few things from her….

Fashion can be bought, style one must possess {Edna Wolman}

Remember to slay this festive season.


Till next time…keep it kaytietela.com

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                                                         HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!


5 Responses to VANESSA MDEE

  1. kui Kamau

    Dec, 03, 16 at 8:56 am

    Shez beautiful

    • kaytietela

      May, 05, 17 at 9:12 pm

      yes she is

  2. Reuben

    Dec, 03, 16 at 4:14 pm

    Cool stuff. When are we seeing diamond??!!!!?

    • kaytietela

      May, 05, 17 at 9:11 pm

      hopefully in the near future maybe…thank you cuz!

  3. Dec, 23, 16 at 10:45 am

    Always on point with her swagg.#RoyalRomance


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