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Our style with Moryn

Our style with Moryn

Fashion is nothing without people…

that is what rings through my mind when she finally arrives.

All dressed up for lunch date we are about to kick start.

Without hesitating we jump straight into the interview,






How can you describe your style?

Simple but classy, I love being stylish and trendy

Which is the most valuable accessory/outfit do you own?

My dress that cost me a whooping seven thousand shillings





What inspires your style?

Day to day situations (laughs hysterically) my style depends mostly with different occasions

Do you look up to anyone in terms of style/fashion both locally and internationally?

The Kardashians (I agree)






Any fashion/style secret you would like to share particularly fashion advice

BELTS!! Are my  life savers they  really do magic for  me, especially when I wear a not-so fitting outfit I’ll  use a belt to compliment my attire and give that outstanding  body shape. Change outfits from office to dinner dates.


Did you know that Moryn is a Kenyan gospel artist plus owner/founder of the Dede Kal Fashions!

Social handles IG: Dede_Kal

Thanks for the read…..


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Salute everyone, hope your fairing well.        Lately AfricanAnkara prints have been the current trend. Every woman trying to embrace the African attire. I decided to work with a pencil skirt, turtle neck top and a black pair of black freedom heels just to tone it a little .

The thing about Ankara prints is that they can be rocked anywhere; office, lunch and dinner date, business meeting and also outdoor affairs.

Model: Wanja Marema

Photography: Peton photography

Shoes: Kaytietela Fashions

Outfit details: Ankara skirt tailored by Dede Kal Fashions

My all time tip; remember to always wear a statement piece or just a more fun item to your look.

Stay classy my Ankara woman….thank you for the read XOXO

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