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Fashion is about something that comes from within you…this quote comes to mind when I have an one on one with the fashion guru Bashka the model….

How can you describe your style?

I will start by defining my style in three ways individual, slick and a blend of elegance. I may have clothes that are the same as other people, but I make them totally my own by been creative and make them look best on me. Slick: I always look my very best and that comes naturally (giggles)

A Blend of elegance: Am a mix of timeless style and cutting edge fashion, I mostly dress in suits which defines the elegant in me

Knowledgeable compared to most mindless snobs that happen to surround me, I wear designer clothes because I appreciate the integrity rather than just wearing it cause of its logo

What inspires your style?

My style is inspired by my surrounding and my day to day activities. I am also inspired by the rate at which fashion is growing, so we grow with it

Do you look up to anyone in terms of fashion/ style both locally and internationally?

Internationally I look up to Calvin Klein, Ralph Rucci and Christian Dior....Locally I look up to myself

Ever been in an impulse buying situation, you’ve never used it .If yes then what was it?

Not really at all

You can’t leave the house without?

I can’t leave the house without my watch and belt….It feels naked without them (laughs)

Any fashion/style secret would you like to share? Any fashion advice perhaps

Fashion advice for men is wear something that fits your body……when wearing a suit try to wear a fitting one and if possible make it detailed

One thing that you can never ever buy or own in the name of fashion trends

Baggy jeans, any ragged top or trouser


Did you know that? Bashka is the C.E.O at Radic Agency, an award winning model, models choreographer, events host, a judge in modeling events and a fashion guru.

Social handles Instagram: Bashkathemodel

Men’s fashion is really evolving as days go by and it’s important to recognize their efforts…..I mean would you not appreciate a man in a well tailored suit!?

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Gorgeous Avril

The joy of dressing is an art…..Her warm smile, bubbly voice and contagious laughter completes her fully. Today we talk matters on fashion and style with the gorgeous Avril .

How can you describe your style?

Young yet elegant

What inspires your style?

Comfort and what makes me feel good about myself

Do you look up to anyone in terms of style/fashion, both locally and internationally?

Locally I look up to Huddah and Internationally a blend between Beyonce and Rihanna

Ever been in an impulse buying situation, and afterwards the item purchased you’ve never used it? If yes then what was it?

 YES!! It has ,I think it happens to every woman .I have a pair of white shoes that I was so excited to buy but I can hardly ever walk in them .They hurt me so bad when I have them on for long (I totally agree with you on this one)

You can’t leave the house without?

I can’t leave my house without my phone

Any fashion/style secret would you like to share? Any fashion advice

Simplicity is always the way to go. A flattering neckpiece couple with a simple look makes everything else pop on the entire look

One thing that you can never ever buy or own in the name of fashion trends

Outfits made of shiny rain coat nylon material (laughs hysterically)


Did you know that?

Avril is a Kenyan actress and artist. She likes singing, writing and recording music you can get her jams on mzikii plus watch her latest song Wewe ft Susumila

Social handles Instagram: Avril Kenya

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Our style with Moryn

Our style with Moryn

Fashion is nothing without people…

that is what rings through my mind when she finally arrives.

All dressed up for lunch date we are about to kick start.

Without hesitating we jump straight into the interview,






How can you describe your style?

Simple but classy, I love being stylish and trendy

Which is the most valuable accessory/outfit do you own?

My dress that cost me a whooping seven thousand shillings





What inspires your style?

Day to day situations (laughs hysterically) my style depends mostly with different occasions

Do you look up to anyone in terms of style/fashion both locally and internationally?

The Kardashians (I agree)






Any fashion/style secret you would like to share particularly fashion advice

BELTS!! Are my  life savers they  really do magic for  me, especially when I wear a not-so fitting outfit I’ll  use a belt to compliment my attire and give that outstanding  body shape. Change outfits from office to dinner dates.


Did you know that Moryn is a Kenyan gospel artist plus owner/founder of the Dede Kal Fashions!

Social handles IG: Dede_Kal

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Salute everyone, hope your fairing well.        Lately AfricanAnkara prints have been the current trend. Every woman trying to embrace the African attire. I decided to work with a pencil skirt, turtle neck top and a black pair of black freedom heels just to tone it a little .

The thing about Ankara prints is that they can be rocked anywhere; office, lunch and dinner date, business meeting and also outdoor affairs.

Model: Wanja Marema

Photography: Peton photography

Shoes: Kaytietela Fashions

Outfit details: Ankara skirt tailored by Dede Kal Fashions

My all time tip; remember to always wear a statement piece or just a more fun item to your look.

Stay classy my Ankara woman….thank you for the read XOXO

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