Welcome to my most favorite place…where I just find my happiness and peace.As much of a  cliché as it sounds, today will be sharing my 25 life treasures that I hold dearly…This is more of a birthday special piece.Some are self explanatory others not so much …So lets get down to it, shall we?

  • Be yourself:We live in a world where people are trying to be carbon copies of others instead of being who they truly are.We often focus too much on the things that don’t build us,grow us nor even move us.Being yourself feels a whole lot different. Just living your own life without the pressures of trying to pretend much!...Everyone else is taken, be you!
  • Insecurities:This really took a toll on me …I remember few years back I had to battle 'flawed' skin on my face…but with time I learnt, it was perfectly fine to embrace 'flaws' and that way, no one could ever use this 'flaw' against me...'Flaws' can be categorized in different measures be it physical or emotional, however, never let anyone bring you down…you got you and you are perfect the way you are!
  • Family:Nothing beats family, there's even no competition …Keep your immediate family close to you,love them ,cherish them always.Family first.
  • Set goals:Learn to set your goals, if you can, jot them down…try as much as possible to achieve them…have a reason to get out of bed everyday.
  • Listen: Learn to listen to people talking to you, you may hear but not listen, you need to listen. I have had this issue for a while but hey, I’m working on it.Learn to listen.
  • Plan :it's about the destination ,not the journey, however, goals require systems ,processes,and structures to facilitate and achieve the end result, that is a plan.( I had to make it a bit clear on the difference.)
  • Do what makes you happy: Like I said this place makes me happy and this year I'm planning on blogging full time. There you go, dreams and goals already set!
  • Friends: Learn to keep your friends close they are your support system.
  • Love: we have loved and we’ve lost but what's most important is to learn to how love you and appreciate yourself.
  • Prayer: Keep God close to your heart let him guide you and you will see your life working out for the better.
  • Accountable: be accountable for your own actions and don't blame others for your own faults.
  • Confidence: there’s nothing as great and important as self confidence. Be a true believer for what you stand for.
  • Failure is good: we often try so hard to avoid failure but it’s the real evidence that we’ve tried.Well if you avoid failure,you avoid taking action,expect and accept and lets learn from our experience and move on!
  • Kindness matters:small expressions of kindness go along way.
  • Vulnerability heals: being real,open and vulnerable invites people in and allows them to relate with you in a more intimate level. This doesn't make you out as weak but real,however, choose wisely who you choose  to be vulnerable with!
  • Travel: it expands one's mind and this year I’m trying to do more of it.
  • Passion: it upgrades your life mostly when you do what brings to you joy. It spills over into all other aspects of your life.
  • Gratitude multiplies happiness and it fosters positivity and well being.
  • Perfection is boring…I’m such a perfectionist I must admit but this comes to things like arrangement of things but I’m more of a 'let it flow' person when it comes to the real life issues.
  • Little things matter: It’s the little things that matter most.Recently I had a surprise birthday dinner, which I’m still over the moon about. Like I said it’s the little things that counts.
  • Make everyday count: be conscious of the value of every single day.
  • Release attachments don’t become too attached to outcomes or beliefs.
  • Not every situation requires a reaction.
  • Self honesty is freedom: when in denial about something,you're blinding yourself to the truth.Be honest.
  • Find your purpose: you need to know what you’re supposed to do in this life…work your way into knowing that!


These are my twenty five life treasures which I hold dear.What are yours? I would like to know…leave a comment below.

Instagram: @wanjamarema

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME (in advance lol)  14th Jan


                                                                THANK YOU FOR THE READ


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“The joy of dressing is an art{John Gallaing}”

Well it’s been a minute…but here we are today will be talking about “the do’s and dont’s  on the red carpet”

On a brief note so….

  • SHOES:

 This is the most important point to note…please try and get yourself a good pair of gorge heels not necessarily high but something “presentable” you feel me. I don’t expect you to walk in a 6inch heels, basically something that would make your feet wow happy feet .No flats here! that isn’t even up for discussion.

2)DO K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Starlett):

Go ahead; get minimal on the red carpet. This can be in terms of your accessories, hair and makeup.


You could choose fabrics that really do good on your body….simply now how to dress your body and for the occasion.Sheer,floral,velvet etcare some of the fabrics to play with.

4)Don’t feel like you have to wear a dress:

Not necessary for you to rock a dress you can definitely switch it up here and there…like a well fitted suit. Put your own twist on the menswear –inspired look…for Example Ellen DeGeneres ,AngelinaJolie, Selena Gomez  and many more.

5)Let your face also do the talking:

Get yourself a face beat wear that lipstick like a boss…as much as we’re focusing on the body wear doesn’t forget to work on your make up.

“Before you leave the house ,look in the mirror and remove one accessory {Coco Chanel}”


That’s my few tips on the red carpet…will do more soon…keep it here and will see you again…

Article Compiled by WanjaMarema

Cheers to the weekend!!!                               

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“Always keep your eyes open…Keep watching…Because whatever you see can inspire you {Grace Coddington}”

Finally the day is here for the long awaited fashion event. It’s the 6th annual JW fashion show that was  held on the 4th of Nov 2017 at TRM’s convection center. The event’s theme dubbed “Connecting Africa and the world through fabric and design”. Been the first time to attend this event here is my TAKE. Setting of the room was off the hook. The audience was quite hyped, sponsors/entrepreneurs show casing some of their products. But let’s get down to what actually brought me here in the first place. The runway, contestants participating in this year’s fashion show.

Kenya’s got real talent! I loved what I saw on the runway some of the designers had outdone themselves. The audience had a lot to choose from back in the day with some of the designs. Like velvet…when was the last time you saw this fabric I mean too gorge! The judge’s panel was also doing great on their part.

Apart from the runway designs…ladies and gentlemen (in the audience) came to SLAY!!!Well yes since we had a mini-show casing of our own lol.

Personally not all of the designs caught my eye…I would like to purchase something off the runway that I can actually rock.  So if some of the upcoming designers would consider that it will be better off. Basically something wearable!

At the end of the night we had to have a winner right?  The lady that won, congratulations on a job well done. Point to note…next time when announcing the winner…let’s make it a bit “dramatic” like the suspension, drum rolls, the anxiety…get the drift? Not just the normal announcing yeah? okay thank you!

Overall the event was a success I liked it and I'm looking forward to hopefully attending the next one.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I will give the show a 7!


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Cheers to the weekend!!



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gorgeous Joyce

gorgeous Joyce

“Fashion is very important…it is life-enhancing and like everything that gives pleasure…it is worth doing well {Vivienne Westwood}”

From her bubbly voice….amazing jams and above all…..her style is outstanding, well we all love her...Today we have a chit chat with the talented Joyce Omondi Waihiga

1) How can you describe your style?

Classy, elegant, chic yet effortless.

2) What are some of shopping rules you wouldn’t necessarily recommend to others but which you follow?

I love shopping online because I really don’t enjoy rummaging through racks of clothing. I just end up bored and worked up. The challenge with online shopping though is that it can sometimes be a hit or miss, especially when it comes to ensuring a good fit. If the store you’re looking at has a good return policy then it’s ok, otherwise you’ll then have to find a good tailor to take it in for you if it’s too big, or you’ll have to donate it if it’s too small.(smiles)

3) Was there a moment in your life when something “CLICKED” for you about fashion or dressing or hair? Whatwas it and why do you think happened then?

Ever since I was a child, my mother always emphasized the importance of representing God, myself and my family well. She would always say, “You never know where you’ll be or who you have to meet. Always be prepared.” It’s a lesson that has always rang true in my life, including in how I dress. So as much as I want to look stunning, I also make sure that I am the best version of myself. How I carry and represent myself will determine how others treat and perceive me. If you respect, honor and value yourself, sooner or later others will have no choice but to do the same. In the same way, if you dress and portray yourself as a sexual object, people may sadly diminish your worth to just that, and treat you as such.

4) Are there any clothing (or related) items that you have in multiple? Why do you think you keep buying this thing?

Jeans and/or trousers. I find it difficult to find ones that fit my body type well. So when I do find them, I almost always pick up a couple in different colors.(smiles lightly)

5) Is there any fashion trend you’ve refused to participate in and why?

I generally don’t participate in any trends because I want to stand out on my own rather than look like everyone else. Also, not every trend will suit my body, personality or character. My style is not about particular fashion items or pieces but rather about how I carry and represent myself. So I never really worry about whether what I’m wearing is in or out of season. What’s most important to me is being comfortable, wearing what flatters my body, and representing myself, my husband, my family and those who look up to me well. I think being classy is about being graceful, secure and timeless, and unfailingly following trends just seems to be the exact opposite.

6) Do you look up to anyone in terms of style/fashion, both locally and internationally?

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge; Jessica Pearson from the series Suits J; Toke Makinwa from Nigeria

7) What are you grateful for?

Purpose and God’s grace to pursue it


Did you know Joyce is a Kenyan gospel artist…listen to her new single Lihimdi Jina Lake (such an amazing track) and check it out on her youtube channel.

Social handles:

Instagram : @joyceomondi

I like having talks with different people and this way I get to learn new and amazing tips that I hold dear by the way…and yes I’ve learned a few today…question is have you!?

Article compiled by Wanja Marema (follow me on Instagram & lets connect)


Fashion can be bought style one must possess {Edna Wolman}

Till next time…keep it kaytietela.com


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“Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas…but what makes it new is the way you put it together {Anonymous}”

Well it has been a minute! Trying to keep up with life, as we know it has become quite a challenge. Recently been getting a few why aren’t you writing no more…but am always up in search of new stuff keeping up with the trends you know. Have a read keeping it short as usual.

Today writing about floral print my new addiction. Floral prints are life I tell you. So out here mixing floral with some burgundy and navy heels.

For me every single detail counts…be it the accessories, shoes, make up, hair, outfit just everything counts. This dress has definitely has its own “decency” as you can see it’s just classy and the back opening isn’t too much.

You would find me rocking it at the cocktail parties, red carpet, weddings the list is endless. Feel free leave a comment below on where you would rock your floral print.

“It’s not about what size you wear. It’s about how you wear your size”

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Shoes by Kaytie Tela

Make up by Joan Wayua (Instagram)

Outfit by Malfel Clothing (Instagram)

Model Wanja Marema (Instagram)

Photography by Eccentric Creative (Instagram)



Cheers to the weekend!!!

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Hello September!

“Style is very personal…it has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly…style is forever {Ralph Lauren}”

It’s a new month and I'm official back I hope that this month will be good.. Had a couple of personal issues in the past couple of months that’s why I’ve been late on doing posts.That aside,let’s get down to business. Will try and keep it short (I know you have lot’s to do)

As you recall I had launched a Kollection so here is the final piece of it.Recently I’ve become a more 'African print lady's; this outfit is completely suitable for all of your occasions. You can rock it in traditional weddings, red carpet (showing off the African in you), bridal showers or even weddings.

The yellow dress with red prints blended with blue sandals. As usual minimum accessories. This dress is very particular, it’s classy and sassy at the sometime (it’s quite hard to pull of such a look).As for my partner, he got a shirt with compliments of my attire (not doing the usual matchy matchy vibe).

What is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it {Yves Saint Laurent}”

These pieces are available…grab yours today!

Get in touch:

Make up: Joan Wayua (Instagram)

Outfit: Cittificial Klothing (Instagram)

Model: Boaz Hosea (Instagram)

Model: Wanja Marema (Instagram)

Photography: Eccentric Creative (Instagram)



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Feel free to leave comment or suggestions on what you would like to see featured here.

Article written and compiled by Wanja Marema.

Cheers to a new Week!!!

Happy New Month



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“It’s a new era in fashion there are no rules…it’s all about the individual and personal style {Alexander McQueen}”

Finally I'm sharing the second piece…I know it’s been a minute but I was under the weather for sometime but I'm all good now…Time to get this show on the road. Feeling mushy about this piece damn gorge! This Fitting dress I like it mostly because its fabulous yeah and it has a detachable cap…which at this point can be used as a scarf like shown in the pictures. The bandage dress is comfy, that’s my number one priority.

I did some simple pair of heels and accessories to blend with my outfit…couples that are into marchy   marchy sort of would look elegant in this or even for a bridal party, I would definitely recommend.

Red carpet: yes! breaking the usual vibe of wearing dinner gowns to something more of new school if I may say…Ankara is the new “force to reckon with” try it out and mix it up with a few blending pieces.

Also parties such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers, traditional weddings or even that end year of party. Ankara has a way of expressing your African roots (proudly African) speaking more than actual words.

This outfit and more still to come in the next week…all personally designed by Cittificial Klothing (available in stores).

I choose to brand this piece bold and beautiful basically…The woman wearing is ’s bold its self explanatory. I'm celebrating women today, we're simply amazing, never forget to give yourself enough credit and most importantly a tap on the back. You’re awesome!

Get in touch:

Make Up: Joan Wayua (Instagram)

Photographer: Eccentric Creative (Instagram)

Outfits: Cittificial Klothing (Instagram)

Model: Wanja Marema  (Instagram)

Model:Boaz Hosea(Instagram)

My woman,

“What is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it {Yves Saint Laurent}”

You’re loved!

Article written and compiled by Wanja Marema.

Cheers to the weekend!!!


                                                                 THANKS FOR THE READ!!!


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“Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will. {Anne Klein}”

Well I have been waiting to share this great news for sometime now. I partnered with one of my favorite brands in Kenya made by Kenyans (their designs are mind blowing).So today I launch a few pieces, specifically for me, I'm all about women and girl power. I want to celebrate the independent and fierce woman of today. And that’s why I'm branding this particular Collection “Fire and Ice with Kaytietela for Cittificial Klothing” .Will continue to unveil more pieces as we proceed.

My first piece will be the silk long gown with a touch of pink. This dress makes me feel some type of way. So fierce and elegant I could take over the world and assume my position as a super hero like wonder woman, perhaps!

This gown is custom made, meaning tailored to client’s satisfaction or like say “tailored with some labor of love”. I would wear this to the Grammy's, Oscars or locally at our annual BAKE, SOMA awards ceremonies (red carpet affairs), and end year parties. I did minimum accessories, you know me I love to keep the attention to a specific item I'm just like, let the dress speak for itself darling!

Some comfortable heels would do you justice and a clutch bag. And to the gents I didn’t forget you too. Like I say men fashion is evolving drastically, for my partner here a well tailored suit form Cittificial Klothing also a shirt with touch of pink to seal the deal. This look is a complete set since it compliments each other.

I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit. {Michael Kors}”

Get in touch:

Model:Boaz Hosea(Instagram)

Make Up: Joan Wayua (Instagram)

Photographer: Eccentric Creative (Instagram)

Outfits: Cittificial Klothing (Instagram)

Cheers to the weekend!!!


My woman;

“There may be many things that I’m not brilliant at, but I do love and appreciate my body. It’s the most important and valuable asset I will ever own. It’s quite simple: what you put in, you will get out.”

Article written and compiled by Wanja Marema.


                                                                      THANKS FOR THE READ!!!


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“Style is a way to say who you are without  having to speak {Rachel Zoe}”

Well it’s been a minute, took a break from blogging and social media platforms to focus and rejuvenate. Once in a while we all need our sanity even if this means breaking from the usual routine.Anyway enough of that “I’m back” I missed you guys did you miss me though yes? No? Too soon? Okayha-ha.

It's July and that means its our FIRST year anniversary. That was super fast. hard to imagine right?It’s a celebration and we truly appreciate the support shown towards us (kaytietela team is grateful). Moving on swiftly. Today I will be doing my July favorites (under my journey to owing 100 dresses 2017) and to kick it off is “BLUE ME AWAY” this dress is just “life”. Ladies trust me when I say you should own a sweta dress especially during this cold season. It’s not that heavy as opposed to a sweta (pullover/ jumpa) for that matter.

I paired my dress with a sleek green hand bag with some sparkle nude strap sandals. Okay, you might wondering, lady, why all these bold colors? As I say “the three rule colors ”. This I was taught by my brother while we were growing up so I took the advice and it works for me.Basically, it means one should not do more than three colors, and make sure your colors blend instead of mix and match (my opinion).

This outfit can be rocked in different ways, for me the weather and location plays a big role when it comes to outfits. See the off-shoulder I would wear it to a dinner, lunch-date, red carpet events, a cocktail party with the girls. The other way is the turtle neck it is warm so no need for sweta and can be rocked anywhere like the other style.

I opted for minimal accessories just the earrings with my hair on a bun (keep the attention on the dress). Well fitted dress, who doesn’t like them though?

If you’ve got any suggestions on what you would-like me to talk about or outfit? …leave it on the comment section below.

“Fashion is instant language {Miuccia Prada}”

Get in touch;

Model:Wanja marema(Instagram)

Outfits:dress (thrift market)

Shoes: Kaytietela (Instagram)

Photography: Eccentric Creative (Instagram)



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Have a lovely week and humpy day.

                                                                               Thanks for the read!!!


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Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live {GIANNI VERSACE}”

Well for some reason I can’t stop having this song on replay on my mind…especially the lyrics “and if I was the slit on your dress my goal in life would to aim for the highest”

Today I'm going to try to keep it as short as possible. I'm at the location for today’s shoot, and the sun definitely came out to play…and the wind, I can’t even explain. Right about now my makeup is too fresh thanks to Joan (friend and personal MUA). As my sister is trying to set up my hair, let’s begin.

It’s all about the SLIT it doesn’t really matter how long or short it is but whatmatters is how you wear it.

So I decided to rock a floral skirt with one of my favorite vintage white tops. HereI'm breaking from the obvious long slit dresses. Purple floral skirt pairing with some strappy blue sandals (I call them Kim Kardashian sandals).The colors are neutral since the whole idea of the outfit is the skirt. Try not to overdo your outfits since you want to focus your attention on one item.Always wear minimal accessories.

My skirt is actually more of an overlap, the slit is from top to bottom. This can be rocked at a red carpet event, the office (if you prefer skirts as officialattires to suits), lunch/dinner dates or just a chill girl's night out.

Feel free to drop your comments, ideasor suggestions below.

Get in touch:

Skirt: Ivee Skirts (Instagram)

Make up: Joan Wayua (Instagram)

Model: Wanja marema (Instagram)

Photography: Eccentric Creative (Instagram)

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Article written and compiled by Wanja Marema.

“With good basics you’ll have endless options {Anonyms}   

Happy hump day people!!!

                                                                                Thank you for the read!!!



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