“The joy of dressing is an art{John Gallaing}”

Well it’s been a minute…but here we are today will be talking about “the do’s and dont’s  on the red carpet”

On a brief note so….

  • SHOES:

 This is the most important point to note…please try and get yourself a good pair of gorge heels not necessarily high but something “presentable” you feel me. I don’t expect you to walk in a 6inch heels, basically something that would make your feet wow happy feet .No flats here! that isn’t even up for discussion.

2)DO K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Starlett):

Go ahead; get minimal on the red carpet. This can be in terms of your accessories, hair and makeup.


You could choose fabrics that really do good on your body….simply now how to dress your body and for the occasion.Sheer,floral,velvet etcare some of the fabrics to play with.

4)Don’t feel like you have to wear a dress:

Not necessary for you to rock a dress you can definitely switch it up here and there…like a well fitted suit. Put your own twist on the menswear –inspired look…for Example Ellen DeGeneres ,AngelinaJolie, Selena Gomez  and many more.

5)Let your face also do the talking:

Get yourself a face beat wear that lipstick like a boss…as much as we’re focusing on the body wear doesn’t forget to work on your make up.

“Before you leave the house ,look in the mirror and remove one accessory {Coco Chanel}”


That’s my few tips on the red carpet…will do more soon…keep it here and will see you again…

Article Compiled by WanjaMarema

Cheers to the weekend!!!                               

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“Always keep your eyes open…Keep watching…Because whatever you see can inspire you {Grace Coddington}”

Finally the day is here for the long awaited fashion event. It’s the 6th annual JW fashion show that was  held on the 4th of Nov 2017 at TRM’s convection center. The event’s theme dubbed “Connecting Africa and the world through fabric and design”. Been the first time to attend this event here is my TAKE. Setting of the room was off the hook. The audience was quite hyped, sponsors/entrepreneurs show casing some of their products. But let’s get down to what actually brought me here in the first place. The runway, contestants participating in this year’s fashion show.

Kenya’s got real talent! I loved what I saw on the runway some of the designers had outdone themselves. The audience had a lot to choose from back in the day with some of the designs. Like velvet…when was the last time you saw this fabric I mean too gorge! The judge’s panel was also doing great on their part.

Apart from the runway designs…ladies and gentlemen (in the audience) came to SLAY!!!Well yes since we had a mini-show casing of our own lol.

Personally not all of the designs caught my eye…I would like to purchase something off the runway that I can actually rock.  So if some of the upcoming designers would consider that it will be better off. Basically something wearable!

At the end of the night we had to have a winner right?  The lady that won, congratulations on a job well done. Point to note…next time when announcing the winner…let’s make it a bit “dramatic” like the suspension, drum rolls, the anxiety…get the drift? Not just the normal announcing yeah? okay thank you!

Overall the event was a success I liked it and I'm looking forward to hopefully attending the next one.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I will give the show a 7!


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Cheers to the weekend!!



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