“Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas…but what makes it new is the way you put it together {Anonymous}”

Well it has been a minute! Trying to keep up with life, as we know it has become quite a challenge. Recently been getting a few why aren’t you writing no more…but am always up in search of new stuff keeping up with the trends you know. Have a read keeping it short as usual.

Today writing about floral print my new addiction. Floral prints are life I tell you. So out here mixing floral with some burgundy and navy heels.

For me every single detail counts…be it the accessories, shoes, make up, hair, outfit just everything counts. This dress has definitely has its own “decency” as you can see it’s just classy and the back opening isn’t too much.

You would find me rocking it at the cocktail parties, red carpet, weddings the list is endless. Feel free leave a comment below on where you would rock your floral print.

“It’s not about what size you wear. It’s about how you wear your size”

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Shoes by Kaytie Tela

Make up by Joan Wayua (Instagram)

Outfit by Malfel Clothing (Instagram)

Model Wanja Marema (Instagram)

Photography by Eccentric Creative (Instagram)



Cheers to the weekend!!!

                                                                           Thanks for the read


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