“Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will. {Anne Klein}”

Well I have been waiting to share this great news for sometime now. I partnered with one of my favorite brands in Kenya made by Kenyans (their designs are mind blowing).So today I launch a few pieces, specifically for me, I'm all about women and girl power. I want to celebrate the independent and fierce woman of today. And that’s why I'm branding this particular Collection “Fire and Ice with Kaytietela for Cittificial Klothing” .Will continue to unveil more pieces as we proceed.

My first piece will be the silk long gown with a touch of pink. This dress makes me feel some type of way. So fierce and elegant I could take over the world and assume my position as a super hero like wonder woman, perhaps!

This gown is custom made, meaning tailored to client’s satisfaction or like say “tailored with some labor of love”. I would wear this to the Grammy's, Oscars or locally at our annual BAKE, SOMA awards ceremonies (red carpet affairs), and end year parties. I did minimum accessories, you know me I love to keep the attention to a specific item I'm just like, let the dress speak for itself darling!

Some comfortable heels would do you justice and a clutch bag. And to the gents I didn’t forget you too. Like I say men fashion is evolving drastically, for my partner here a well tailored suit form Cittificial Klothing also a shirt with touch of pink to seal the deal. This look is a complete set since it compliments each other.

I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit. {Michael Kors}”

Get in touch:

Model:Boaz Hosea(Instagram)

Make Up: Joan Wayua (Instagram)

Photographer: Eccentric Creative (Instagram)

Outfits: Cittificial Klothing (Instagram)

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My woman;

“There may be many things that I’m not brilliant at, but I do love and appreciate my body. It’s the most important and valuable asset I will ever own. It’s quite simple: what you put in, you will get out.”

Article written and compiled by Wanja Marema.


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“Style is a way to say who you are without  having to speak {Rachel Zoe}”

Well it’s been a minute, took a break from blogging and social media platforms to focus and rejuvenate. Once in a while we all need our sanity even if this means breaking from the usual routine.Anyway enough of that “I’m back” I missed you guys did you miss me though yes? No? Too soon? Okayha-ha.

It's July and that means its our FIRST year anniversary. That was super fast. hard to imagine right?It’s a celebration and we truly appreciate the support shown towards us (kaytietela team is grateful). Moving on swiftly. Today I will be doing my July favorites (under my journey to owing 100 dresses 2017) and to kick it off is “BLUE ME AWAY” this dress is just “life”. Ladies trust me when I say you should own a sweta dress especially during this cold season. It’s not that heavy as opposed to a sweta (pullover/ jumpa) for that matter.

I paired my dress with a sleek green hand bag with some sparkle nude strap sandals. Okay, you might wondering, lady, why all these bold colors? As I say “the three rule colors ”. This I was taught by my brother while we were growing up so I took the advice and it works for me.Basically, it means one should not do more than three colors, and make sure your colors blend instead of mix and match (my opinion).

This outfit can be rocked in different ways, for me the weather and location plays a big role when it comes to outfits. See the off-shoulder I would wear it to a dinner, lunch-date, red carpet events, a cocktail party with the girls. The other way is the turtle neck it is warm so no need for sweta and can be rocked anywhere like the other style.

I opted for minimal accessories just the earrings with my hair on a bun (keep the attention on the dress). Well fitted dress, who doesn’t like them though?

If you’ve got any suggestions on what you would-like me to talk about or outfit? …leave it on the comment section below.

“Fashion is instant language {Miuccia Prada}”

Get in touch;

Model:Wanja marema(Instagram)

Outfits:dress (thrift market)

Shoes: Kaytietela (Instagram)

Photography: Eccentric Creative (Instagram)



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