“Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas…but what makes it new is the way you put it together {Anonymous}”
This particular outfit has to be inspired by my childhood memories (sounds Cray Cray but yes) now back in the day while I was in my lower primary, my favorite class teacher used to have good taste when it came to matters fashion lol ,who thought I would get inspired by her? Huh! Anyway my love for stripped pants grew from there, fast forward to the current trend I decided to do some bit of upgrade.
The good thing about this high waist-pant you can rock them to the office, red carpet events, lunch/dinner dates with just the right and appropriate accessories and styling. So for this I paired it with a turtle neck white fitting top with an opening at the back and comfortable nude heels. Keeping in mind that my pants are well designed for my body shape…comfort is always and should always be your number priority (after all who doesn’t want an outfit that compliments your body perfectly)
I have tried this combo before and it works pretty well for me both at the office and on the street. Pairing with the nude heels is my way of not drawing the attention to none other than my pants and always keeping it neutral in relation to the color combinations.
This is my favorite selection so far if you got any additions you can always leave your suggestions down at the comment box with your name and email address.
Details of the post respectively:
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Outfits Local Kenyan market
Model @Wanjamarema (Instagram)
Hair and make-up @joanwayua (Instagram)
Photography @eccentric_creative (Instagram)
Shoes @kaytietelafashions (Instagram & Facebook)

“Make it simple…but significant {Anonymous}”
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