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OUR STYLE STAR – The talented and stylish Martin Kimathi

“Clothes don’t make the man, but, they can make the man look great {Anonymous} “ 


This quote really connects with my sentiments when it comes to the gents fashion…I mean take a look around ‘our men’ of today are really evolving and you can’t disagree with that. Fashion wise it has grown tremendously….So today I got to have a chit-chat with the ‘Baddest Presenter’ Martin.

  1. How can you describe your style?

 Urban suave (came up with that. Lol)

  1. What inspires your style?

 My work and lifestyle. The weather plays a role as well…

  1. Which is the most valuable accessory/outfit do you own?

A Rolex watch (smiles at his watch)

  1. Ever experienced any wardrobe malfunctions?

Yeah. My line of work demands a lot, especially when it comes to wardrobe. So one day I tried too much and it was a fail (sighs)

  1. If you were given an opportunity to ban or get rid of one fashion trend….which one would it be and why?

Fit head caps. They are outdated right now

  1. What is that particular item/piece you can never miss in your wardrobe or outfit?

Cologne and at least 3 pairs of well-tailored suits which I hardly wear(laughs lightly)

  1. Any fashion/style secret you would like to share….Any fashion advice perhaps?

Don't get swayed in any fashion craze if you're not feeling it. Comfort must be a priority in what you intend to wear. Be authentic!


Did you know that Martin?

Is a Media personality/TV presenter hosting Teen Republik (NTV Kenya) airs every Saturday at 11am

Also you can watch/subscribe to his YouTube channel at Martin Kimathi…and get to know him a little bit better.

Social media Handles: Instagram Martinkimathi_   Facebook/Twitter: MartinMKimathi


“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality {RMRS}”

It is always exciting to learn new things and from different people…and I'm a huge fan of men’s fashion and style will see more of it this year…

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Happy New Year 2017

Cheers to the weekend!!!

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