Our Dazzling Style Star

Our Dazzling Style Star

                                        Our Dazzling Style Star Her Excellency Margret Kenyatta

“Style is very personal…It has nothing to do with fashion…. Fashion is over quickly…Style is forever.”{Ralph Lauren}

As I wrap up 2016, I have one more “Style Star” I would like to appreciate. We all love her, she has brought a huge difference in our lives starting by helping out the girl-child get education, our expectant mothers country wide to get free maternal health care (The Beyond Zero Campaign). Her office has been on out and about in trying to make our nation a better place.

Today I feature the one and only, The First Lady of Kenya (Mama Wa Taifa) Her Excellency Mrs. Margret Kenyatta …Her style is incredible, the way she simply adorns her outfits one can never go wrong. I personally admire the way she keeps it simple but elegant. From her casual look to outdoor events…I did a little bit of research (in regards to her outfits) you will see that she knows how to dress her body…very uniquely I must say.

Few of Her attires that caught my eye was one during the Madaraka Day celebration…dazzling in a red dress with black embroider details on it, blending in perfectly with a black and red head gear and a black shawl placed on one hand side with complimentary accessories.

I promise you that her style is so amazing I can’t settle for one outfit cause she rocks all of them, so, well you know it’s very hard to pick one.

As I bid you goodbye for now this has been a good year and wanted to end our last piece this year reflecting on one of the most powerful women in leadership not only praising their works but also something different like their sense of fashion and style…..and for such amazing Style Stories you can only get it here at Kaytietela.com (Remember to subscribe) to our newsletter for daily updates.

All I can say is Her Excellency Margret your sense of Fashion and Style is incredible at this moment no words can explain or describe it. You’re amazing, gorgeous and beautiful I swear my eyes are a bit teary right now and there’s so much joy that warms my heart.

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”{ Audrey Hepburn}



                                                                        THANK YOU FOR THE READ!


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thank you note

This is it....This is me...this is my thank you note!!


Today I'm writing to you my loyal readers...As I sip on my glass of red wine let's get to it shall we?


I'm going to let you in on my journey so far...It all started when people on social media and on real world applauding my style...little did they know that there was a force in me that wanted to share my tips not only locally but internationally.


Friends really encouraged me but I felt that I wasn't ready to take on the challenge at hand. So in the midst of all this something out of the ordinary happened... on my way to work a lady stopped me for a minute and told me how impressed she was by my style and how I had adorned my outfits...this was my final kick to get my passion started.


Having fashion blogs widely existing, I had to switch to something different; incorporating personal insights from your favorite celebrities (some that happen to be mutual role models) /street style and fashion bloggers. I wanted a blog that caters for both ladies and gents.


As I wrap up my piece, 2016 has been a great year overall and 2017 is going to be greater, so many things I want to share with you my readers and also introduce lots more.


A big thank you to the Lord, my Website Manager, Chief Article Editor, and Photographers I have worked with, My Make-up Artist, Outfit designers, people I've interviewed, my friends, family and above all my loyal readers for positive feedback /encouragement.



Remember to keep it Kaytietela (subscribe to our newsletter)


Slay this festive season!!


Happy Holidays!


Love Kaytietela!


                      Thank you for the read!!!

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Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable, style is more about being yourself {Oscar De La Renta}


Ooh gents you thought I had forgotten all about you?!.....I got you and this Christmas I'm looking forward to seeing you slay out your outfits…you know, from the official wears to gorge casual looks, I mean it’s the holidays and time to keep them ties at bay!


Today I met up with one of the rising male fashion bloggers and this is how our interview went down…..

1) How can you describe your style?

My style is classy and conservative and this is due to my tendency of keeping it simple and shying away of from extremely bold colors.              



2) What inspires your style?

My inspiration mostly comes from the society; most people take me seriously when I’m all dressed up in a nicely fitting suit.

3) Which is the most valuable accessory/outfit do you own?
That  has to be shoes, I’m a sucker for shoes and I heard that people can tell the type of person a man is by the type of shoes he wears.


4) If you were given an opportunity to ban or get rid of one fashion trend…which one would it be and why?
Kitenge suits. Reason being it’s just disrespectful to the suits and can’t stand them, if I’m buried in a kitenge suit I would wake up from the dead and remove it.(sigh)

5) Ever experienced any wardrobe malfunction?

 Yes there was this one time I bought plastic tussle  loafers that gave me blisters, was unable to walk in them so had to wait until it got dark …walked  bare foot because I couldn’t take the pain any more (laughs hysterically)

6) What is that particular item/piece you can never miss in your wardrobe or outfit?

A nice watch (stares at his like…DAMN!)



7) Any fashion/style secret you would like to share…Any fashion advice perhaps?

 If and only if you have to put on a suit, make sure it’s the right fit that will complement your physique and keep it simple sometimes less is more.



Did you know that Kinyanjui Warutumo is a Kenyan male fashion blogger or Fashionscaper as he says it.


Check out his latest personal insights and tutorials on his YouTube channel Dapperman Kenya (very educative) and while at it remember to subscribe.


Social Handles: Dapperman (Instagram)


Hope this piece was helpful…..we celebrate the return of the second edition, the “GentsEditon” men’s fashion is evolving and I would be lying by not to give them credit nor applauding them.


Be fearless…Be brave…Be bold…and above all Love yourself…


Always remember to keep it Kaytietela.com for all your fashion and style insights….plus you can subscribe to our newsletter.





                                                               Happy Holidays!!!


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Fashion is very important…it is life-enhancing and like everything that gives pleasure….it is worth doing well {Vivienne Westwood}


From her bubbly voice…amazing music and above all, her style stands out like a red flower in the middle of a barren field. what's not to love about her? This week we have a chit chat with the talented Vanessa Mdee who hails from the beautiful land of Tanzania….

1) How can you describe your style?

 Eclectic, Afro Chic.

2) what inspires your style?

My mood mostly if not the occasion.

3) Do you look up to anyone in terms of style/fashion, both locally and internationally?

Brenda Fassie and Gwen Stefani have been a great inspiration lately. (Smiles)

4) One thing that you can never ever buy or own in the name of fashion trends

Anything acid wash, I just can’t do it.

5) Ever been in impulse buying situation and afterwards the item purchased you’ve never used it. If yes…then what was it?

So many times from bags to shoes to dresses the list is endless.

6) Do you happen to have that outfit that you can ever be caught in mostly wearing in public?

 Never Say Never, you know!

7) Imagine you were given a free 5 minute shopping spree in one of the most prestigious boutique stores, the likes of Givenchy, H& M, Yves Saint Laurent, Armani, Macy’s etc what would you grab and why?

I'm a big brand influenced shopper. I would however be spoilt for choice so I would grab accessories; Shoes, Bags etc. (laughs)

8 ) Any fashion /style secret would you like to share…Any fashion advice perhaps….

Be comfortable, Dress the part, Life is too short for you to wear boring clothes. I've shopped all my life and still have nothing to wear, so go BIG!



Did you know that Vanessa Mdee is an artist…plus watch her latest music Niroge

She also performed on Coke Studio Africa catch her performance this Sunday on CitizenTv Kenya at 8pm (EAT)


Social Handles: Vanessa Mdee (Instagram)


Have you heard that folks…hope you have learnt a few things from her….

Fashion can be bought, style one must possess {Edna Wolman}

Remember to slay this festive season.


Till next time…keep it kaytietela.com

                                                       Vee-money if you nasty!



                                                         HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!


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