Simplicity is the key note of all true elegance {Coco Chanel} …..This is what I look for in terms of buying new clothes and shoes at the end of the day it’s the ultimate satisfaction… right!?

The beautiful scenery…crunchy sounds of dry leaves…warm rays of the famous Mr. Sun and the cool breeze that brushes gently through my let loose hair……. Arboretum is our location today Kenya my motherland very impressing sites……

My outfit for the day is totally custom made by the lovely and talented Dedee Kal Fashions. White pants and peplum top with a touch of Ankara fabric paired it with some Laguna half-boots.

Ankara/African prints is slowly growing on me wasn’t a fan but with time my perception has changed. Well tailor made outfits does you more justice than you can imagine…this particular one can be rocked to outdoor lunch/dinner dates and both formal/informal events etc.

Model: Wanja Marema

Outfit details: Moryn Kal

Shoes: Kaytietela Fashions

Hair and Make Up: Joan Wayua

Photography: Linesphotography_Ke

 ****You can get in touch with them via their social handles as provided (Instagram)


If you’re  planning to get yourself some Ankara outfits work with colors that blend perfectly with your skin tone to avoid clashing or having way too much going on.

My favorite tip,                                                                                                                               

Remember to always wear a statement piece or just a more fun item to your look.

Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas…but what makes it new is the way you put it together……

Love Ankara let’s appreciate our heritage

Have yourself a lovely weekend…..now won’t you….

Cheers to the weekend

                                                              Thanks for the read



  1. Reuben

    Oct, 28, 16 at 8:20 am

    Cool stuff! Love them prints.

  2. Kemmy

    Oct, 28, 16 at 2:07 pm

    I need one too

  3. Dalton Musina

    Oct, 28, 16 at 8:14 pm

    really cool prints


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